Friday, March 9, 2012

What is the speed limit around here?


Red handed
How is it that you can see

Things that don't even exist in
My own head?

I'm standing here baring all the layers of hard stone walls
your imposing stare has constructed
With precision, protection from
Infectious complications that you own
The rights to my soul?

No you can't... You don't... I won't let you turn

Ashes to dust
I must Be dreaming
Of this feeling stop
The true meaning
Of this thing
We call leaving it all
Behind us.
You left
Me Not with me
Or wrong?
What's the name of that
We used to sing
A long time ago when we used to be friends?
Always together inseparable
On the road and we didn't even know we were going to turn the
way to go.
Turn your head again, and don't you dare share the
Pieces of the only thing I truly own
Outright lies caused our demise.
Didn't you know I'd always be
Right behind you?
You were in front
Wasn't that good enough?
Your fire was bright enough to blind me
Even though your shadows cast darkness so deep and cold.

All I ever wanted to do
Was to see you
Post a glimmer
The flint of the fire
Not even a spark
But you couldn't even do
That for me
You couldn't admit that you
Were not better than me.
We all host demon events
But you do not have to promote
The coming out parties
Of my skeletons escaping
From the closets I didn't
Think I needed to lock.

Your combination
is not easy
To memorize
The rituals were so translucent
I assumed so were you
But not everything that takes
Of your head
To my front
Was the only message you had to send
No fire
No light
Your eyes will now hide
You from ever living the truth
That you
Spread the burn
Because you couldn't face
Your turn being taken
By someone like me

Someone who was willing
To let you be seen
Hoping that you could be
The one who they would perceive
Even by my doing
My thinking
My showing you
How beautiful
Your mind
Really is.

You didn't have to put me down
Into the ground
From where we came
How can our high
Be our last stop light
On our way
I thought we would have
Started a fight or two
But we were no where near
I thought
I was not right
Not wrong
Either way your gone

Here I am
Blocking the shots
From every direction
Broken glass shattered
And increased the fire
reflections of the fuel
Spreading the burn
Leading the lies
And exaggerated truths
To every living room coffee table top
The flames
To play
My vices
My woes
My only you knows
The venue
You now rule

And me

I don't understand the purpose for holding me back. I am not happy with my inability to follow through with a simple, self motivating task. I am at a loss of words juxtaposed on the very thing where they are supposed to be swimming in schools so overcrowded, it's impossible to see the background of the sea.

I have made every effort to make this task an easy and very accessible. I have access everywhere... Mobile, home, work, everywhere. But other things have always taken precedent, and they are not always engaging, or active.

My passive personality is way too powerful.

I guess I am here. So instead of putting the negative out there to be snagged with an eagerly waiting net, I will shift to the right.

Even though there is no proof, I have been leaning right!

I have collected so many materials to use for continuing this journey. I have spread the bug by giving the germ to other people. I have been motivating and motivated. Just haven't shared... At least in this forum.

I have started several journals, a poetry book, crafting, sharing....
Ahhh sharing!!! That is what started my stray ... It has to be.

That I will share next time.

But for now, I must post my next art journal page:

Things you love and why:
I love love love
Love letters.
I used to get them all the time.
Give or take.
But I guess I am not the only one who lost something.

The World
Has really turned
On us.
Leading us away
From home
Down the yellow brick road.
No wizard
Or shoes
Or even lube
Can entice me enough
So why
Did I even