Friday, February 3, 2012

An Afterthought...

Popping Thought Bubbles

if i say it,
or even think it
it will become
part of me?...dumb.

Who is out there
with the razor sharp
thought bubble popper?
secrets....privacy stopper.

I keep them there
bubbled up and safe,
so no one will know
the things
that shouldn't be put on show.

You, with the needle-
get away from me
this words are not public
Mine- not all idea-holics..

Put your detective like tools
and put them to rest
I want to keep what's me, "me"
my protective cup of tea.

In case you aren't sure,
I know who you are.
Some might not realize
you in
that clever, subtle disguise

And others cannot see,
not from weakness of
sight or of hearing-
Ha! You must quit your jeering.

Unlike those without the 
sixth one-the only 
master key worth using
the gates of your musing.

Yeah, I see you- trying
pretend I don't see 
that it's you- Universe
undertaker with hearse.

Driving down deep- power-
Control of it all.
Thoughts, ideas, destiny
intervener of me.

Do you have to put out
there, each little one?
Or can some stay inside
just thoughts, not my road guide?

A thought-thinked in the brain 
does not have to be,
a foreseen part scripted,
a message encrypted.

Having you place all my
cards on the table 
does not let me see which
will lead me to my niche.

Let all the thought bubbles 
linger with purpose.
Not bursting in the air 
me to walk your doctrinaire.

Okay, so the point?
The last time I wrote, I put it out there that I was probably going to get caught up in "life" when Monday came. I thought about that all week, and even thought I was aware, it didn't make any difference. Just another bit of proof that if you put it out to the Universe, it will soon be. Ugh. Not really what I was hoping for, but I'll take it as a lesson learned, and be more cautious of what I "put out there" from now on. 

The week's worth of daily grind, didn't actually prevent me from my intentions, I have no explanation. None. 

I am catching up now, meeting my obligations to my right brain. 

I finished two pages for the "year in the life" art journal to meet The January challenges.

The first challenge required the choice of a word, one that would represent what you want from this year. 
After hours of thinking about different words, trying to be real, yet not cliche, or typical of a project like this, I came up with "Moment." I went through words like, "One", "together", "now", and maybe a few others. I wanted the word to reflect my goal of paying attention to the little things: the things that really matter.
"Moment" came out of nowhere, so I decided that was the one. 

Here is a photo of what followed:

I traced the hands of all the kiddies, filled in the hands with words that represent each of them, in their respective favorite color. The background repeats the quote from Oprah: "Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you have for sure"

The second challenged required a masking/collage creation based on a personal interpretation of the word "Imagine"

Here is the product:

Just a collection of different things that come across my mind every once in a while.

Enjoy the moment! <3


  1. Love the collage, lots of fun to look at!

  2. Both of these are so fantastic. I love how much writing and thought is in these pages. I struggle a lot with the writing part so seeing these is really inspiring.