Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Day...Another Idea

The self - help
For real? was self - pity
out right in front, on top

but still managed
hiding behind that smile, 
that presence, that shine, 
you thinking we knew 
nothing of your true crime

the little black cloud
the dark 
the pajama day 
the movies, in bed

they all told us the 
real underneath
something revealed 
you wanted to seen

that you really were scared 
to come out of the dark
that black little cloud and you
started a spark

and those Three Little Birds?
Yeah, we saw you chase them away, 
as soon as they said:
Everything's Gonna Be Okay.

Just spit out your demons, or troubles
or vices, or what ever you are really 
trying to hide from us.

That backward, twisted, begging-for-me-to-ask-you-
what happened
to a phone call to a friend
When things went a little bad

why now is pity and sympathy 
craved in half - thoughts
part vomit of the psyche
dashes of truth and  
part  "don't worry about me's?"
Just stop airing the laundry-
you better bring it inside,
that little black cloud 
isn't really your enemy?

I know this isn't anything new, and for those out there with high tech software like Photoshop and iMac Laptops, you may already have the access to this cool find.
At picnik you can manipulate and modify your photos, or any photo you find off of the web.
It's more than just modifying the color like some other applications, but the site has this sort of aesthetic appeal, that it is fun to play with your pictures for a bit.
After deciding to make journaling my primary "take-back" or "beg-back" (or whatever you want to call that thing I let go and never should have!) I decided that I needed a little motivation to keep me on track. I always seem to do better at things if I know that someone else may be affected by my lack of participation, so I decided to jump on to the challenge choo-choo, and joined a year long journal challenge with monthly entry challenges. A pretty easy tip of the toe touch into the cool water. Right? So, the host posted the Picnik site and suggested that we all go on and have a photo modified into a pencil sketch. So, I did! And here's the result!

I know it's only my second day, but you might have noticed that both entries start with a composition-cluster-of-catchy-or-not-so-clever-cliches...a.k.a. a poem? Well, I have decided to make that my own personal challenge. I am going to try  to begin each day with some sort of creative crop to force me to stay on top of this raising of the right brain campaign that I am running with myself right now!

Tomorrow is Monday, and it is my fear that tomorrow, I will put the creative creature on the back burner once again, and since I did it Monday, it will be easier for me to do it on Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, etc. You get my point.

So, I set the challenges, and I think I am really looking to succeed. Anyone willing to jump on as a running partner, or two, or more, let me know! I could always use some other brain to bounce with!!

So far...success??

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